Transgender Awareness Week 2021
- Nov. 15, 2021

At a time when trans youth are increasingly under attack, and 80% of Americans claim to not even know a trans person in their daily lives, accurate representation in the media is more important than ever. What are our responsibilities as filmmakers and opportunities as content creators to build a more inclusive world on screen and off?


Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual observance on November 20th that honors the memory of the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence that year.

2021 marks the most deadly year recorded with at least 45 transgender people, most of them Black or Latinx, killed.

And we will not be quiet.


We would like to make our "Transgender Storytelling" workshop free for your viewing below:

The latter seeks to further understand what it means to be transgender and the past, present, and future of trans media representation.

Starting with an overview of what it means to be transgender and non-binary, along with need-to-know terminology, the conversation examines stereotypes about trans people and the real world consequences of those. We discuss the history of transgender representation in film and television, the current state, and how to improve trans representation in the future, including best practices for casting authentically and including trans people behind the camera. You will also find how GLAAD can be a resource to content creators in telling authentic and accurate trans stories that truly reflect the world around us and accelerate acceptance through culture change.

You can also explore additional resources here.