Aprill Winney
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Aprill Winney was born and raised in the Sequoia National Forest. It was there, living in an isolated world of books and trees, that she fell in love with storytelling. Aprill then attended UCSD where she earned her Bachelors degree in Theatre. Upon graduation she moved to Chicago to work its thriving theatre scene. Her four years in professional theatre taught Aprill a lot of valuable skills in storytelling and live performance. But, after being invited to direct part of a women’s feature film collaboration, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a new dream. For the last eleven years Aprill has lived in Los Angeles where she has worked as both a script supervisor and director. Her script supervising credits include great shows such asArrested Development (Netflix), Family Tree (HBO), and The Fosters (Freeform). After a season and a half on The Fosters, the producers gave Aprill the opportunity to direct an episode of the show. She directed her first episode of The Fosters in October 2014. Then they gave her another episode in April of 2015 and a third in June of 2016. In addition to those three Fosters episodes, Aprill has also directed four episodes of the Amazon show Just Add Magic (2016), two feature films; The David Dance (2009) which held a limited theatrical release, and Counting Backwards (2006) which had great festival success and distribution. She has also directed three webseries; Get Busy, Rock Hopper Nation, and Girls United (Freeform).


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