Claire Andrew
Claire andrew

I love this industry, the history of innovative dreamers that all come together with different skills to create one vision. My love for cinema started at a young age. My family works in various departments in the film industry, and I grew up on set watching and learning from everyone. My earliest memories are of making horror films with my sister and friends. This continued through my teens when I directed shorts that screened at local film festivals, and last year I released my first feature length film, Max & Me on Amazon Prime. That experience taught me so much about every aspect of production from Pre to Post, and allowed me to address social issues that are important to me, such as LGBTQ+ and bullying. I have been fortunate enough to shadow on quite a few television sets, gaining insight from different directors, producers and cinematographers. My passion is behind the camera, but growing up I worked in front of it as well which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the actor/director relationship. I have also worked as a freelance photographer which has given me an outlet to experiment with composition, lighting and effects in camera and in post. I studied film at Pierce College, and screen writing at UCLA. I am walking in the footsteps of Alice Guy Blaché, Dorothy Arzner, and Ida Lupino, and I’m grateful for every step they took, knowing that each time someone chips away at their own barriers, it helps break them down for us all.

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