Jennifer Townsend
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Jennifer Townsend’s first foray into filmmaking began many years ago, after deciding to leave the practice of law to try something new. She began by shooting oral histories and filming programs for non-profit organizations. This was a two-year experiment prior to moving on to other ventures, unrelated to filmmaking. It wasn’t until recent years, long after retirement, that Townsend once again was drawn to the art of filmmaking, most especially, documentary filmmaking. She directed and produced “Old Folks at Home,” a series of short films about people over the age of 70. As her next project, Townsend directed and produced a feature documentary about “Thelma & Louise.” The film, “Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise,” explores the impact of ‘the mother film’ on viewers who wrote letters in 1991 about how it impacted them at that time. It delves into the film’s staying power, its significance as a cultural touchstone and as a symbol of women’s quest for freedom from a patriarchal society. “Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise” has garnered numerous awards on the festival circuit. Townsend received the McEvoy award for Best Female Filmmaker, a Best Director award, and was honored as an Artist in Residence at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Townsend has worked with other documentary filmmakers through SeaDoc (Seattle Documentary Association), Doc Camp in Oregon and Doc Forest in Washington. She is a member of Women In Film, DocuTalk, The D Word, and online industry forums.