Jupiter J. Makins
Jupiter la shorts carpet

After working many years in TV production in various roles, Jupiter quit TV to write an epic fiction novel, The King of Egypt. Her passion for telling stories lead to writing screenplays. She sold her first script, Unknown Caller, to an American production company, which obtained theatrical release in the USA in 2015. Bigfoot and the Burtons, a family feature, is Jupiter’s directorial and producing debut. The film was picked up by Double Dutch International and began selling internationally before post production was complete. She has since written, directed and produced a short titled, Bully Fighters, that received Audience Favourite Award at the FOLCS International Film Festival. Although a narrative, the film has a docu-drama feel. The 25 minute short is used by the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence in the US to get into schools to open discussion for solutions. It has also been licensed by ShortsTV and been picked up by an educational distributor. Currently, Jupiter has a feature film screenplay in option and several other completed scripts. Having only worked on RED cameras, Jupiter is exploring smartphone filming with a short she wrote and is directing and producing. In addition to filmmaking, Jupiter is the author of The King of Egypt, an historical self-published fiction novel and a children’s novel, The Lamplighter’s Daughter, the first book of the series, The Legend of Linova, which has been picked up by Morgan James Publishing.

  • Bigfoot And The Burtons (Trailer)