Phiamma Elias
Phiamma elias

Profile Phiamma Elias is a director, producer, writer, actor. A born and raised New Yorker, Phiamma was trained by Bill Esper, performing on off-Broadway and in repertory theaters nationally. Phiamma is the former Artistic Director of ART: Vision theater in Venice Beach and the winner of 12 Dramalogue awards, including Best Director. Her first feature film, HOMESKILLET, won Best Feature Film at the Boise Film Festival, and will be broadcast on PBS stations in Autumn of 2018. OWNER: production company — 2014-present. Producer/Director: HOMESKILLET feature film. Premiered October 2014 through NW Film Festival. 11 days later picked up by OPB (Oregon Public Broadcast) through PBS with 5 TV broadcasts 2014-2015. Winner Best Feature Film. Producer: RABBIT RUN, short film, 2017. Premiered at the Portland Film Festival (2017) followed by the Guignol Festival (2017) and Crypticon Festival (Seattle 2018.) Producer: SECOND SKIN, feature film. (Ready to go. Personally invited by Frontieres Montreal to submit. Investor package available.) Executive Producer and Creator: THE MUSIC CREATORS, reality TV. (In development. Sizzle video available.) Creator and Producer: PDsX, an episodic series. (Pilot available, August 2018.) Producer/ Director: SAIL AWAY (music video for Flipsyde, featuring the UkeLadiesPDX, 2017) PRODUCER/DIRECTOR — 2010-2014 WORD OF MOUTH STORYTELLING FESTIVAL , Portland OR MOTHER -1992-PRESENT Raised 2 human beings. Member of the Film Fatales , WIF