Rahma Benhamou El Madani
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Was born on September 7th 1966 in Aïn Kihal, in Algeria. Moroccan origin. French nationality. At the age of six arrived in France in the Medoc (Bordeaux region) with her family. Studies in Communication and Sciences of language at Bordeaux III University. Also worked at Radio, in Bordeaux, from 1989 to 1992 : Reports, documentaries and programmes. Training course at AFP. Studies in Literature/ French as foreign Language at Lille III University. Honours in 3rd year Literature. Started making films in 1996. Permanent announcer at Radio 1998-1999. .Training courses in shooting , and in actor directing. Produced her own films thanks to Plein Cadres founded in 1996. Coproduction with other companies. Studied Cinema at Sorbonne and obtained Master pro and Master Research. in 2016 wrote a book "Alone above the ground" editions Coelacanthe. Emotion d'une rencontre. 15'04. 1998. Creative video. Tais-toi et parle. 50'. 1999. Doc. Du côté de chez soi. 56'30. 2003. Doc. Coproduction : Dérives, Jean-Piere and Luc Dardenne; Je suis sur la route. 29' and 50'. Doc. Production : Plein Cadres Technical support : Dérives / Wallonie Image Production; Plus fort que tout le reste ? 13'. 2005. Fiction. Production : Plein Cadres / Hibou / Le Fresnoy; Belleville en films. 26'. Doc.Sorbonne. Amip Production. Ciné-cinéma.; Tagnawittude 80' - 2012- Production : Plein Cadres Coproduction : Lotus Film (Algiers); FILMS IN DEVELOPMENT : Another Life 110mn - narrative - prod Plein Cadres ;


  • Tagnawittude

    « When I was a little girl, I used to see my mother practise trance regularly.
    She would slowly enter this extreme attitude to the point of forgetting the outter world and its limits. Years went
    by. One day, as I was working in a local radio station, I recognized these sounds in an album I had received. It
    was a band called « Gnawa Diffusion ». I was first attracted by the name, the music was a mix, a fusion of Gnawa
    music and western and modern music.
    The lyrics were committed. Amazigh kateb and Aziz Maysour from the band Gnawa Diffusion give me answers
    to this image that haunts me, that of my mother going in a trance in France. And I untangle this image, this mystery
    by going towards the Gnawa in Morocco and Algeria… »