Film Fatales
Stacia Kalinoski
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Stacia Kalinoski is an Emmy award-winning TV video journalist who had no intention of leaving the world of daily deadlines. That changed in her doctor’s office in 2015, when she was told she was a candidate for brain surgery. After her excitement settled, an idea struck. Why not produce a documentary about epilepsy to educate people about this complex, stigmatized brain disorder. Stacia bought camera gear and editing software, and never looked back. But let’s back up to the start. Stacia’s journalism career began at the University of Minnesota, where she ran track and cross-country for the Gophers. TV news took her to stations in Nebraska, Oregon and Michigan. Seizures started popping up after college, and Stacia’s career took an unexpected turn in 2014, when she lost her job following a seizure. The worst day of her life eventually led to the best day, brain surgery to remove her right temporal lobe, the focus of her seizures. As a journalist, documenting this experience was a natural decision. Stacia produced and edited a documentary called Brainstorm, which premiered on Minnesota PBS stations in 2016. Brainstorm is a 2017 Upper Midwest Emmy Nominee, an Impact DOCS Award-winner, and received an Award of Excellence from the Docs Without Borders Film Festival. The film will air on select PBS stations nationwide starting in November. Stacia's goal is to work on future medical documentaries that raise awareness of conditions and diseases.