Film Fatales
Therese Shechter

Therese Shechter is a filmmaker, writer and multi-media storyteller based in Brooklyn. Her work fuses humor, personal narrative and grassroots activism, most recently as the writer and director of the feature documentary "How To Lose Your Virginity." She is currently in production onĀ "My So-Called Selfish Life," a documentary about women who choose not to have kids within a culture that glorifies motherhood. She also curates the interactive crowd-sourced story collection The V-Card Diaries, which was recently exhibited at The Kinsey Institute. Therese's work has been covered by The Atlantic, Salon, Elle, Jezebel, The Guardian and Jakarta Globe, among others. Since the release of her first films, the award-winning "I Was A Teenage Feminist" and "How I Learned to Speak Turkish," she has shown her work on television, and in festivals, universities and art galleries around the globe. In her spare time she is part of the podcasting group Downton Gabby.