Thomai Hatsios
Thomas hatsios

Thomai's list of directing credits includes 60 true-crime recreation episodes (the scripted portion, with actors), music videos, comedy sketches, two short films, and multi-cam livestream. She has produced feature films, commercials and music videos. Her experience in the industry includes working with A-List talent, including Hillary Swank, James Cromwell, John Lithgow, Maggie Siff, Maya Angelou, Drake, as well as up and coming talent, always with the same level of creative vision, passion, professionalism, and calmness under pressure. Prior to living in L.A., Thomai toured internationally while creating conceptual, multi-media theater, and performance art installations. Thomai moved to L.A. to direct moving pictures. A single mother and ambitious filmmaker, any obstacles that came up inspired her activism. Thomai's commitment to promoting women and minorities in the industry is evidenced by the work she produces with her company, MetaHara. She has produced for seven female directors (feature / shorts / music videos). Whether she is directing or producing, her cast and crews consist of more than 89% minority. Thomai has mentored and taught female editors, production managers, and ADs, and very recently, two young women who are interested in becoming the 3rd and 4th female true-crime directors. Thomai's directing goals: To direct feature length films and television content that shifts the paradigm while entertaining, with authentic, complex storytelling.