Film Fatales
Estelle Artus

Estelle Artus is a French born film director and screenwriter living in New York. She graduated with a PhD from Sorbonne University where she taught visual arts. Working in Paris as a video artist, Estelle won acclaim for her video installations and several short films: ‘Domestic Underground‘, ‘Ring Road‘, ‘I Love Korea and Korea Loves Me‘, ‘Play Again’, and ‘Where it Clicks’. In 2007, Estelle moved to New York and worked as lecturer for the museum of modern art (MoMA). She discovered New York’s film scene and wrote feature film screenplays. In 2015 she co-produced and directed her debut feature ‘According to her‘ which will have its world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in March 2016. Estelle has been nominated for the NBC Universal’s Emerging Director Program 2016.