Film Fatales
Gorkem Yeltan
Screen shot 2017 03 20 at 12.40.41 pm

Yeltan graduated from the Theatre Department at State Conservatory, starred in TV series, films and plays. She won best actress award for two films: Wrong Rosary and September. She writes articles on children’s literature for two newspapers and has 18 published children’s books. She is a lyricist as well. Being in the screenplay team of Wrong Rosary, she won the best screenplay award with the film. The film won the best film award at Rotterdam Film Festival. Yeltan served as a juror at both national at international film festivals. Her first directorial debut “We Were Dining And I Decided” was invited to several festivals including İstanbul, Adana, IAWRT New Delhi Asian Women Films Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Aichi Women's Films Festival, Afghanistan Women’s Films Festival... As an International Juror 7th Yerevan International Film Festival for Children and Youth 17th Golden Boll Film Festival 3rd Romania Children’s Films Festival-Dream Fest. Slatina 6th Romania Children’s Films Festival-Dream Fest. Bucharest Awards 16th Golden Boll Film Festival- Best Actress 28th İstanbul Film Festival- Best Screenplay 18th Golden Boll Film Festival- Best Actress 38th Rotterdam Film Festival Filmography Stop – 2016 We Were Dining And I Decided - 2015 (Director, Screenwriter) Bünyamin- 2015 Wrong Rosary – 2009 (Screenwriter, Actress) September – 2011 Son of The Sun- 2008 Shadow – 2008 When I Say Zero – 2007 Pulpa – 2006 Heritage – 2006