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Nikki Braendlin
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Nikki Braendlin is the writer/director of the feature film AS HIGH AS THE SKY, which was released by Cinema Libre Studio after garnering strong reviews and several festival awards. The dramedy centers around Margaret, a woman with OCD who is forced to confront the root of it when her estranged sister and niece show up on her doorstep.

Nikki recently adapted the New York Times' best-selling memoir Fast Girl, based on the life of Olympian turned high-end escort turned mental health advocate Suzy Favor Hamilton. Additionally, she is the co-creator of the television pilot SUNDOWN, inspired by the work of the Intelligence Project staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center. EUE/Sokolow and Autopilot Entertainment are producing.

In addition to being a member of Film Fatales, Nikki is on the Board of Directors of the Alliance of Women Directors (AWD), serving as their Festival Outreach Coordinator.

“This first feature from writer/director Nikki Braendlin is a strikingly intimate study in visual character definition and painful emotional growth.”
(Entertainment Magazine)
“What a glorious film...writer/director Nikki Braendlin has really created an emotional powerhouse of a story.”
(Blunt Review)
"The performances are uniformly terrific and there's an exhilaration evident in the filmmaking.”

Selected Works

  • As High as the Sky (Trailer)