Film Fatales
Vanessa Parise
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Vanessa most recently directed the back door pilot DRINK SLAY LOVE (Cierra Ramirez, EP Bella Thorne) based on the bestselling book. She has directed multiple episodes of the hit Amazon series JUST ADD MAGIC and the new Terri Minsky series ANDI MACK. Born in NYC and raised in Rhode Island, Parise ended her pursuit of a medical degree at Harvard Med to venture into the business as actor/writer/director/producer on the feature film KISS THE BRIDE (Alyssa Milano) and followed this with her feature film JACK AND JILL VS THE WORLD (Taryn Manning). Vanessa has also directed the UNAUTHORIZED BEVERLY HILLS 90210 STORY and PERFECT HIGH (Bella Thorne), earning huge numbers. As a writer, Vanessa has sold multiple spec features, a pilot script to Freeform, and a pitch with Courtney Cox at ABCS. Vanessa received Leo Nominations for Best Direction of A Television Movie in 2015 and 2016. She was honored by Lifetime with their Broad Focus Top 5 Original Movies 2015 and by SheKnows as one of Ten Female Directors Breaking Stereotypes 2016. Vanessa’s films have played at SxSW (win), Hamptons (win), Cinequest (win), Montecarlo (win), New England (win), Rhode Island (win), Sarasota (win), Aspen Comedy, Boston, Breckenridge, Newport (win), Rome, and Torino (win). Vanessa is a graduate of Harvard College, Circle in the Square Theater School, Second City Improv Conservatory, and Fox’s Directors Diversity Initiative.