Claudia Katayanagi
Claudia katayanagi

Claudia, a Yonsei or 4th generation Japanese American, is a descendant of World War II Incarceration camp survivors on both sides of her family. Having lived in Europe for 5 years and then New York City for 5 years, she gained a wider perspective on American life and history. Additionally, being a location sound mixer in the film industry for several decades has given her a unique view of so many different aspects of filmmaking, from feature films, commercials, reality TV, and documentaries.

Claudia continues to make documentary films on historical and social justice issues, working with the National Japanese American Historical Society, Tsuru for Solidarity, Detention Watch Network and the Japanese American Community Foundation to name a few.

While seemingly focused on Japanese American stories, the parallels to so many other community’s stories continues to engage a larger audience through the many diverse faces, issues and other media included in her films.