Dionna McMillian

Dionna McMillian is a film and commercial director. Dionna enjoys directing character-driven comedies and heartwarming pieces that bridge diverse audiences. She is based in Los Angeles and represented by Kaplan Perrone.

Dionna is known for her short comedy film, “Love, New York,”– distributed by Issa Rae on her Color Creative platform and mentioned in Business Insider and Forbes. Dionna also directed the digital series pilot, "The Next Right Thing,"– which played at several film festivals, including Indie Memphis. Additionally, Dionna's well-received short film "Such A Deal" won best comedy short at multiple film festivals and played at ABFF’s inaugural comedy festival.

Dionna holds an M.F.A in Film from American University. In the past, Dionna has worked as an adjunct professor in five different cities and four different countries. Currently, she works as a freelance commercial and branded content director. When she is not on set, you can find her on a tennis court struggling to gain a USTA rating of 3.5.