Kate Thompson-Gorry

Kate Thompson-Gorry is an award-winning documentary maker, highlighting diminishing cultures, often linked with ecological issues, from around the world. As a factual author for primetime television, Kate enjoys developing character-based stories with a strong narrative arc. Her latest films, all broadcast worldwide and screened in International Film Festivals, follow that philosophy: A SHAMAN’S JOURNEY follows Kgonta Bo, 79, one of the last Bushmen shamans, on a quest to solve the 40 000 year old mystery of our universal past. AMA DIVERS offers an intimate insight into the lives of the superwomen of Hegura Island, the last Japanese pearl divers. KAROO COWBOY tells the story of Seun, 29, working on a farm threatened by the menace of fracking. CHAOS IN THE KALAHARI, shot over a period of four years within the San-Bushmen, provides a rare insider’s perspective of the plight of the first people. Screened at a number of Human Rights Film Festivals, including the FIFDH, it was awarded the First Prize Documentary at the Human District, the International Human Rights Film Festival of Belgrade. Kate is currently working on a feature length documentary with Mohammad Elkhaldy who fled his country at the height of his career as one of Syria’s most famous chefs and is now taking Paris, the culinary capital of the world, by storm. Kate is also writing a collaborative narrative feature film with the San-Bushmen of the Kalahari. Kate is English, working from Paris and Cape Town.