Katharyn Grant
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Katharyn Grant (Kayti), directed and starred in The One Who Loves You, which played in 21 film festivals, and garnered several awards, including Best Director and Best Feature from Beaufort International Film Festival, Best Feature from Geneva Film Festival, Best Director from SENE (southeast New England), and a Breakthrough Achievement honorable mention from Twin Cities Film Festival. Her short comedy film, The Accouterment, played on IFC and received an honorable mention for Best Wacky Comedy from Broad Humor Film Festival. Her short comedy documentary, Tao of Pez, also played at Broad Humor Film Festival. She has a BA in creative writing, with a minor in studio art from DU, she studied acting with Meisner protege, William Alderson, and studied documentary filmmaking at the Maine Media Workshop. She makes her living as a visual artist. As a performer, she toured US military bases in Asia and Europe with a comedy acting group, and has performed in many theater productions and independent film projects. City: Denver