Kibar Dağlayan Yiğit
Kibar dag layan yig it

Kibar Daglayan Yigit was born in 1968 in Bingöl,Turkey. While studying at high school, she worked as a worker in the textile industry. She had to leave her high school education due to economic problems. After working as an office secretary for a long time, she started to write short stories about life. She met Beksav Cinema Workshop in 2004 while researching educational opportunities in order to improve her story telling skills. Since then, she loved filmmaking so much that she has never dropped the camera. She has produced and directed seven documentary films. Her films were screened and awarded nationally and internationally. She is running cinema workshops called “Our Neighbourhood Women Making Movies” to teach women how to make films from concept stage to distribution and hoping that more women like herself get to chance to use this amazing medium to share their stories. Her latest documentary film Archipelago Women (co-directed with Nejla Deveci İmancı) was screen at Women's Voices Now Online Film Festival, United States, (Finalist. 2022) and awarded Best Documentary at Europa Film Festival, 2022.