Sania Jhankar

Sania has over 7 years of experience as a director, writer, producer and editor of features, shorts and commercials. She's the Co-Founder, Writer and Director of LuminouStudios. She has written over 5 original feature film scripts.

Sania was born and brought up in the heart of Bollywood – Mumbai, India - where she fell in love with filmmaking at the age of 13, when she worked as an actor. Since, she has immersed herself in filmmaking as a producer, director and writer. She is highly experienced in dramatic filming and working with actors

Sania has worked with Focus Features, Behind the Burner, MTV/VH1, USA Studios, News12 and Indiepix, for shows and films like Behind the Music, Milk & Taking Woodstock. She worked closely with Oscar-nominated director Roland Joffe and Indian National Award-winner Victor Banerjee on her previous features.

Both of Sania's films, Butterflies of Bill Baker and Get Happy have received domestic and international distribution and had a very successful festival run. Her work has received recognition at Cannes, Mill Valley, South Asian Film Festival, Houston Film Festival, London Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, among others.

She directed her first feature film at the age of 25. She has a BFA from NYU in filmmaking.

  • Butterflies of Bill Baker Trailer