Chanel James
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Over the last thirteen years, Chanel has worked as a filmmaker, editor and archivist taking on the roles of digital archivist for Condé Nast and Digital Production Manager on the MTV Vault Project. She served as Production Coordinator on the emmy-nominated documentary United Skates (2018) and on the comedic series The Impossibilities (2014). She released her first original narrative short Lie Awake under her production company Dinosaur Hawk in 2012, and in March of 2018 she premiered her first original narrative feature, The Things We Do When We’re Alone.

In 2021, Chanel made her co-directorial debut with the feature film “as of yet”, executive produced by the Duplass Brothers, partnering again with Taylor Garron (who co-directed, co-produced, wrote, and stars).

Chanel goals to create stories that highlight gradients of human experience, encourage understanding, and illuminate music’s relationship with mental health.