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Marianne Hettinger
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Marianne Hettinger is the author and director of the play “Heaven & Earth” (off-off Broadway production at Cubiculo Theater in NYC), the award-winning feature film “Mango Tango” the shorts “Saint Vitus Dance”, “Homeless in Washington” “Strad for Lunch” and the TV pilot - series, “Hallo New York”. The filmmaker (director, writer, producer, actor and dancer) followed her inner voice by moving alone from Germany to New York as a teenager to follow in Gene Kelly’s footsteps to make movies in which she would also incorporate dance. She studied acting, directing and writing on a scholarship at the National Shakespeare Conservatory in Manhattan, dance at Alvin Ailey, the Cunningham dance company and Steps on Broadway. She has become an award-winning filmmaker, Broadway artist, U.S. Ballroom dance champion and coach. She danced with Antonio Banderas on national TV, played skits with David Letterman, interviewed stars such as Jodi Foster and Terrence Howard as a member of the National Board of Review, has acted on network television and in over 20 films, performs as a guest star with symphony orchestras in the United States and Canada. Ms. Hettinger is actively involved in charitable causes: “BroadwayCares,” has gone to India with the Tripura foundation and helps victims of domestic violence. Her screenplay “Prince Harming” deals with the subject of relationship abuse. She has German-American dual citizenhip.

Selected Works

  • MANGO TANGO (Trailer)