Alexandrina Andre

Alexandrina André, is a first-generation American from Queens, New York. Being a first-generation child enamored her in a world of diverse cultural backgrounds and that created a desire in her to tell those diverse stories. Her films focus on culture and the marginalized.​She obtained a Bachelor's in English and a Master's Degree in Film Production. She has written and directed two 5-10 minute shorts "Flora" and "Reversed" that have both showcased in film festivals such as Cinequest Film Festival and Florida Film Festival. She also recently production-managed "The Endless", a feature film that premiered in competition at the Tribeca Film Festival and is currently streaming on Netflix. She is currently in the distribution phase of her first feature documentary called "One Life to Blossom" which follows the life of black transwoman Blossom C. Brown as she undergoes her dream of getting face feminization surgery.

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