Cidney Hue
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Cidney Hue is a writer-director in NYC with a focus on building inclusive futures through science fiction. Her most recent award-winning film, Ovum, is a Black Mirror-esque short on the convergence of reproductive rights and VR technology. Her previous award-winning short, Odessa, recounts the journey of an astronaut’s last night on Earth. Her webseries for Wired & Reddit, Cyborg Nation, profiles scientists at the forefront of prosthetics, robotics, and brain-computer interfaces. She teaches filmmaking and mentors students at her alma mater, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Cidney founded Pano (formerly NYC Women Filmmakers) in 2015, where she leads its thousands strong community and nonprofit programming to support women, non-binary & GNC filmmakers across the US. She can often be found traveling the world with her camera in tow, capturing Earth’s most spectacular natural phenomenons. Her lifelong goal is to visit space by 2050 so you should email her if you have an extra seat on your rocketship.

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