Dana Kippel
Dana kippel

Dana is a Director, Writer, Actor, and Producer living in Los Angeles, CA. She is an avid advocate for Neurodivergence and Mental Health awareness. She infuses her metaphysical beliefs into every film she makes. She loves anything about futurism, mythology, philosophy, poetry, speculative fiction, and ancient language. Her mission is to use the medium of film and books to inspire people to look inside themselves, realize their true power, and enhance their curiosity, connection, and self-love. Her artistic style is Picturesque, Naturalistic, Whimsical, and Metaphysical. Each moment carries a whisper of magic. She brings her own struggles with addiction, mental health, and self-love into the stories she tells. Her first feature film, Reflect, a metaphysical sci-fi, is available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vudu now.