Frances Anne Solomon
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Frances-Anne Solomon is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, curator, and entrepreneur in film, TV, radio, theatre, and new media. Born in England of Trinidadian parents, she was raised and educated in the Caribbean and Canada before moving to Great Britain where she built a successful career with the BBC as a TV Drama Producer and Executive Producer. As a director her credits include: A Winter Tale, that received many prestigious international awards; Peggy Su! for BBC Films, Lord Have Mercy! Canada's first multicultural sitcom, and What My Mother Told Me, for Channel 4 Television. She is the founder and CEO of the CaribbeanTales Media Group, that creates, produces, markets, and monetises Caribbean-themed film and television content for global audiences. It includes CaribbeanTales Inc. (a registered Canadian Charity) ; the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival, that takes place annually in Toronto; the CaribbeanTales Incubator Program, a hub for original content from the Caribbean and its Diapora; CaribbeanTalesFlix, our production arm; CaribbeanTales-TV, a VOD platform. She began her television career at Banyan Productions in Trinidad, studied Theatre at the University of Toronto with Steve Martineau and Ken Gass, and poetry with Jay MacPherson. She completed the BBC Production Training Program, and trained as a film director in the UK at Bristol University's RFT Programme and the prestigious BBC Drama Directors Program.

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