Katherine Cecil
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Katherine Cecil is a British-born filmmaker whose work focuses on politics, history and culture. She has worked on programs for PBS; Louisiana Public Broadcasting; WNET; National Geographic; Democracy Now!; Associated Press, Soledad O’Brien, and others. Her documentary Race (2010), about the first New Orleans mayoral election post-Katrina won “HBO Best Documentary Award” at The Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival (MVAAFF, 2010). Cecil was Co-producer on the documentary The Experiment (Dir. Ben Lemoine, 2011), about the New Orleans educational landscape post-Katrina (Best Doc., New Orleans Film Festival), and Field Producer & Associate Producer on Lindy Boggs: Steel & Velvet (Dir. Bess Carrick, 2006). Her current film The Claiborne Avenue History Project examines the complex stories behind of one of America’s most important thoroughfares. From 2009-2017 Cecil has organized conferences for The New York Review of Books Foundation and she holds degrees from City & Guilds of London Art School; University College London; Tulane University; and the University of New Orleans.