Kat Rohrer
Kat rohrer

Kat Rohrer is filmmaker, who has produced and directed both narrative films and documentaries, as well as a wide variety of industrial films and commercials.
Her short film, The Search, won Best Short at the 2005, LA Femme Film Festival. Her 2011 short film, Wantless, was selected for the 2011 Hamptons International Film Festival. Kat has also been the Director of Photography on several feature-length documentaries.
Her first feature documentary, Fatal Promises, an in-depth probe of human trafficking, has been show across the US and Europe in multiple film festivals. Kat’s feature length documentary, Back to the Fatherland, has been screening in festivals world-wide (Haifa International Film Festival, Vienna Jewish Film Festival, Festival Du Cinema Israelien Paris, many more) for the past four years and has been theatrically released in Austria, German, and the United States and aired on TV in Austria, Sweden, Germany and Israel. Kat recently finished her short film “Roads Not Taken” and is in pre-production for her feature length romantic comedy "What a feeling" as well developing a series.