Leila Jarman
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Leila Jarman is an Iranian-Brazilian, L.A. based filmmaker, multimedia artist and feminist activist. Her work focuses on exploring the boundaries of unconventional narrative and subverting expectations and ideals around beauty and aesthetics. By visually experimenting with the dualities and contradictions inherent in nature and the human existential experience, Leila's work explores the human body and its relationship to movement, sound, space and time and allows for juxtaposing and investigating subtlety and drama, fiction and non-fiction, the beautiful and the grotesque, masculinity and the femininity, and more. Her works have shown in film festivals worldwide, in galleries, and museums including the TATE Britain, Ars Electronica and LACMA. Her films and videos have been featured on media outlets such as VICE, Thump!, AFROPUNK, MTV, VH1, and The Creator’s Project among others.


  • Dyanmite

    Dynamite is a narrative short film that investigates race, gender and social performativity guided by a narrative incorporating movement, spoken word, and chant, as it uncover truths about race, gender, and success in an ever-changing social landscape. The film explores the American black male experience through embodied inquiry to find spaces where identity exists between and in opposition to social constructs.