Lilly Scourtis
Lilly scourtis

Lilly Scourtis is a first-generation Greek-American, born and raised in Los Angeles. A cinephile from a young age, Scourtis obsessively watched Siskell and Ebert at the Movies and Elvira’s Movie Macabre every weekend while other kids... did normal kid stuff. After college she landed a PA job at Quentin Tarantino’s company, A Band Apart, then pursued her MFA at Columbia University’s prestigious Film program in New York City. Her first feature film, Last Fast Ride, an award-winning documentary about San Francisco punk singer Marian Anderson, a teen runaway who struggled with mental illness and addiction, premiered at Slamdance Film Festival, aired on PBS station KQED, and is currently streaming on Amazon. Scourtis recently directed “Bewitched,” a music video for Dark Wave band Neon Kross, an homage to 1970’s horror. She is primarily interested in female protagonists—troubled girls and girls in trouble, as well as the exploration of female archetypes in storytelling (#filmnerd). Her current project, The Unseen, a horror folktale set on a Greek island during the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918, is based on her grandmother’s real-life wicked step-mother who practiced mageia, black magic.

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