Marianne Hettinger

As a 19-year old from a small town in Germany, Marianne followed her heart after having watched Gene Kelly's “An American in Paris” and came alone to America with no means to study except for scholarships at the National Shakespeare Conservatory and Alvin Ailey in New York City. She pursued her dream and although she had to face huge challenges, refused to sell her soul, stayed true to herself, and poured everything she had both creatively and financially into her first feature “Mango Tango” ( ) which won a number of film festival awards and had limited theatrical runs in the US, Germany and Canada.
Although she produced, directed and starred in the original version a decade ago, it was not until 2021 that she was approached by distributor Shadowplay Enterprises to rework and re-release the film for a contemporary global audience. The company believes that the film was thematically ahead of its time back then and limited in its distribution due to the fact that female directors had difficulty gaining acceptance in mainstream media. Her 2nd feature "Prince Harming" with a sexual abuse/domestic violence theme was picked up by Ammo Content in 2020 but recently acquired by Shadowplay Enterprises for a re-release later in 2022.
Marianne is a member of SAG-AFTRA, the National Board of Review, a professional ballroom dance champion and holds dual citizenship, American and German.

  • Trailer of Marianne Hettinger's feature film "Mango Tango"

    Since the success of comedic relationship TV shows such as “SEINFELD” and “SEX AND THE CITY”, audiences are wise to the fact that single men in New York are hard to come by and sometimes psychologically challenged. This is the painful lesson Marlene, a dance teacher, experiences first-hand in the motion picture MANGO TANGO. Exploring the unchartered territory of the Big Apple’s ‘Gender Gap’ she seeks to find Mr. Right, only to end up partaking in one disappointing male/female encounter after another. Finally fed up, she follows her therapist’s advice and takes a vacation trip to the German Alps, not knowing that it’s going to transition into a matter of life and death.