Michal Sinnott
Michal sinnott

Michal Sinnott is an award winning, classically trained actor/writer/director & storyteller who's work in film, television, theatre, audio spaces, & games traverses mediums, genres, & locales. Her first narrative feature, 'Unpacking,’ shot in Bali, as a co/writer-director-producer is currently on the 2022/23 festival circuit, where it's winning awards & ovations. She’s appeared in dozens of plays and over fifty principal/starring roles for radio, television and film, including companies/institutions as diverse as ABC, Sundance and The Whitney Museum of American Art. She’s best known as the voice, likeness and performance capture artist for Tracey De Santa, one of the main characters in the billion dollar phenomena Grand Theft Auto V. Her stage plays have received staged readings and awards in Virginia (Theater Virginia) and Los Angeles (The Blank Theatre). She's in development on a variety of projects as a writer-director, including 'Anxiety Monster & Man Child Make Amends,' a meta scripted comedy series about the worst period of her life & a narrative feature, 'The Universe(s) of Us,' a magical realist multiverse love story. She raised first funding for 'The Universe(s) of Us' and traveled to Tanzania to shoot the opening of the film with a skeleton crew. ‘The Universe(s) of Us’ was a Sundance Screenwriting Lab second rounder, top 15% for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, and was a recipient of Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Kickstart Diversity Program.


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