Trans Day of Visibility
Film Fatales - Mar. 30, 2024

This Trans Day of Visibility, please join us in uplifting the creative contributions of transgender people in the film and television industry. With increased visibility comes increased backlash and this year has seen a significant increase in violence against the wider trans community. Cinema can be a tool for empathy and it is is more important than ever that trans stories be told through an authentic lens, accurately reflecting lived trans experiences. Let's shine a light on these trans filmmakers to building a more inclusive industry for us all…

✨ Film Fatales member Chase Joynt is internationally acclaimed for his work pertaining to trans stories, winning two awards at Sundance for FRAMING AGNES and nine awards on the international festival circuit for NO ORDINARY MAN.

✨ Aitch Alberto recently made headlines with her directorial debut ARISTOTLE AND DANTE which was Executive Produced by Lin Manuel Miranda.

✨ Silas Howard is the first trans director to direct for the show TRANSPARENT and has continued to direct shows such as THIS IS US, GRAND ARMY, and A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.

✨ Janet Mock has directed multiple episodes of POSE and became the first trans woman of color to secure a deal with a major content company when she signed an overall deal with Netflix.

✨ Film Fatales member Zackary Drucker (@zackarydrucker) is a filmmaker committed to stories of trans history. She has worked to ensure accurate representation on TRANSPARENT and recently directed the feature films QUEENMAKER and THE STROLL

✨ Wu Tsang dedicates her work to finding "in-betweeness", often blending genres to tell stories of hidden marginalized narratives. She has been awarded the Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Documentary at Outfest for WILDNESS and the MacArthur Genius Grant.

✨ D. Smith helmed KOKOMO CITY, a film that told of the lives of Black trans sex-workers. It debuted at Sundance, won multiple awards, and got her signed to CAA, despite her being shunned from the music industry after coming out as trans.

✨ Mari Walker is an award-winning filmmaker with over 47 awards and 19 nominations. Her films have screened at 125 different film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, and Outfest.

✨ Film Fatales member Jane Shoenbrun is a master of horror through trans voice, directing WE'RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD'S FAIR and their new feature I SAW THE TV GLOW, produced by Emma Stone and A24.