Alexandra Boyd
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Alexandra's varied career in film, television, theatre and voiceover, spans more than thirty years. She lived in the US for nearly two decades & for ten years worked as an actress in Los Angeles. She holds US and British passports and divides her time between London, Suffolk and the US. Her Hollywood (acting) credits include MR HOLLAND'S OPUS with Richard Dreyfuss, THE BIG THING with Bryan Cranston, FROM PARIS WITH LOVE with John Travolta and James Cameron's TITANIC. She's played TV guest star roles in the US and the UK. Most notably, she was CLARISSA MASON in CORONATION STREET. She's the voice of Gov Elaine Marley in The Tales of Monkey Island and her theatre credits range from pantomime and Shakespeare to Alan Ayckbourn plays too numerous to mention.

DIRECTING/WRITING/PRODUCING: BOXER ON THE WILDERNESS, was nominated for Best Short Film at the East End Film Festival and went on to a successful festival run. It's a teaser for her screenplay THE WILDERNESS. Alexandra wrote and directed her debut feature WIDOW'S WALK. It won Best Cinematography at the Chelsea FF in NYC and was nominated for Best Narrative Feature at the Lift Off Global Network Awards. The film stars Miranda Raison, David Caves and Virginia McKenna and sold to Amazon Prime Video.

She recently founded ARTEMISIA'S DAUGHTERS ( a charity that aims to support, inspire, educate and employ women of all ages to make films.

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