Alexia Colette
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Alexia Colette finished in 2019 her second-year residency at SFFILM. Switching to narrative, she is currently developing her first narrative feature (psycho-thriller) and her second short (midnight category).

Completed in October 2019, nominated 6 times, her first short "Kokokids of Paris", about homeless refugee kids, won the "Outstanding International Film Award" at the 2020 Micheaux Film Festival in L.A. (6 festivals, last update: April 2020).

Previously based in Paris, she wrote/directed 4 feature documentary films, 1 episodic short-form doc and 1 award-winning short doc for French national TV.

Alexia’s hour-long investigative documentary film "In 24 hours flat: the secret side of package delivery" received 1.1 million prime time viewers during its first 2013 airing. (Screener link available upon request).

Using hidden cameras, an Amazon warehouse was investigated, exposing its poor working conditions and draconian management. Scenes captured includes an employee fainting from overwork (then dismissed).

She also interviewed artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Jason Statham and French actress Carole Bouquet. She worked for major French national networks (ARTE, TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, M6, TMC) and received positive reviews from French national media such as Europe 1, Le Monde, Télérama, L'Humanité.

  • KOKOKIDS OF PARIS, 14 min.

    LOU-ANN, a shy 6 year old, meets the smart and witty CHAYA, 8, at a park in Paris. They quickly bond over their shared love of afro-electro dance and explore Paris in a dreamy adventure. However as their young friendship blossoms, it is put to the test as they face the harsh and unseen reality surrounding their lives and that of more and more kids in Paris.

    A look at the darker sides of the City of Lights.