Alexia Sauvageon
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Alexia Sauvageon directed in Paris, France, documentary films and investigative TV reports for French national TV channels France 3, France 5, M6, TMC and for the French-German public TV channel Arte. Her main productions, mostly aired within prime-time programs, reached between +1 million viewers such as two 52-minute-long investigative documentaries about the clothes industry and the package delivery service, one 52-minute-long immersive documentary about the secret community of French nomad gypsies, one 52-minute-long historical documentary about the « Blousons Noirs », French gangs of bikers in the sixties. In 2015, she was recognised by a major organization, the French public TV group France Télévisions. Her short documentary film "Pas de quartier!" ("No Neighbourhood") won an award at the national competition "Filme ton quartier" ("Film your neighbourhood") dedicated to innovative screenwriting and organized by the French public TV group France Télévisions. Her latest work was in 2016 for the France Télévisions’ website IRL dedicated to innovative screenwriting: a series about Momo, a schizophrenic dumpster-diver in the Parisian streets. Alexia Sauvageon likes to explore the cultural diversity, to question the norm, to highlight the people usually considered at the fringe of the society. She came to the US in 2016 to develop indie documentary films and to write a narrative. She is currently based in San Francisco.

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