Alyse Walsh
Alyse walsh

Alyse Walsh is an Emmy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker and journalist. She has directed and produced documentaries in over 20 countries. Alyse is a Showrunner and Executive Producer of the second season of HOME, produced with A24 Films for Apple TV+. Prior to that, Alyse directed several episodes of the Emmy-nominated Netflix science documentary series Connected hosted by RadioLab’s Latif Nasser. She was the Supervising Producer on the Netflix Original Documentary Series Diagnosis. Alyse also served as Supervising Producer on Defying Gravity, an Emmy-nominated and PGA award-winning YouTube Original documentary series. She previously worked as a producer for several seasons of the Emmy-winning news magazine series VICE on HBO. Ascending Afghanistan, a feature film Alyse produced for, went on to win multiple festival awards. Alyse received a B.A. in Journalism at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.