Amandine Gay

Amandine GAY is a Saint-Denis-based filmmaker, afrofeminist activist, and scholar. Following her graduation from the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon with a masters in communication, Amandine joined the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris 16 and began performing in theatre, film and television. Since 2012, Amandine has been working as a screenwriter, making her directorial debut in 2014 with her documentary, Speak Up, a feature-length documentary on European Black francophone women. She is also a contributor to the information website, In 2015, Amandine authored the preface of the first French translation of bell hooks' seminal, Ain't I A Woman. In 2017 Amandine completed her second master's degree in sociology, focusing on transracial adoption; that same year, she managed the theatrical release of her documentary, Speak Up, in 4 countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada). She is regularly called as a speaker on afrofeminism, intersectionality or transracial adoption at universities (UQAM, UOttawa, University of Lausanne, Université Lumière Lyon 2, ERG Brussels, EHESS Paris, etc.) or events such as the Spur Festival. She is also a writer in several collective works: Black Anthology: Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space; Éloge des mauvaises herbes: ce que nous devons à la ZAD or Décolonisons les Arts ! Her second feature-length documentary, about transnational adoption, is now in production. You can follow her in French and English as @OrpheoNegra


    SPEAK UP is a film about francophone European black women from the diaspora. The film focuses on our common experience of discrimination related to those two indistinct dimensions of our identities : "woman" and "black". The film deals with the intersections of discrimination, art, blackness in all its expressions and why we choose to reclaim the narrative about ourselves. OUVRIR LA VOIX est un documentaire sur les femmes noires issues de l'histoire coloniale européenne en Afrique et aux Antilles. Le film est centré sur l'expérience de la différence en tant que femme noire et des clichés spécifiques liés à ces deux dimensions indissociables de notre identité "femme" et "noire". Il y est notamment question des intersections de discriminations, d'art, de la pluralité de nos parcours de vies et de la nécessité de se réapproprier la narration. SOLTE A VOZ é um filme sobre mulheres negras da diáspora, vindas da história colonial européia na África e nas Antilhas. Centrado na experiência comum de discriminação, a partir dessas duas dimensões indissociáveis de nossa identidade, "mulher" e "negra", o filme lida especialmente com a intersecção de discriminações, de arte, da pluralidade de nossos percursos de vida e da necessidade de se reapropriar da narração sobre nós mesmas.