Amy Hart
Amyhart 5713

Award-winning filmmaker and photographer Amy Hart is dedicated to addressing important global and public health issues and shedding light on the solutions. Hart has directed hundreds of broadcast programs, numerous short and long-form documentaries, and several highly effective multimedia campaigns on issues that affect human populations as a community or as a whole. Her most recent feature film, SECRET INGREDIENTS, won the Impact Award at the Illumination Film Festival in Sedona, and the Green Planet Award at the Rhode Island Film Fest. While the debate continues on GMOs and pesticides, this film centers on the heartfelt story of Kathleen DiChiara whose family was collectively suffering from more than 21 chronic diseases. She started experimenting with the foods they were eating and eventually discovered the secret ingredients hidden in their food that were making them ill – and made a bold commitment to eliminate them. The results were dramatic. The film was co-directed by anti-GMO activist, Jeffrey Smith. In addition to directing and producing, Hart also shot and edited the film. Hart’s independent film on global water issues entitled WATER FIRST: Reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) premiered at the Environmental Film Festival in Our Nation’s Capitol, and was shown at numerous conferences and festivals around the world.