Angel I-Han Teng
Angelteng photo 2022

Angel I-Han Teng is a Taiwanese writer-director with a background in psychology, which she deftly incorporates into her work to explore the complexity of the human mind, gender, and self-growth. She holds an MFA in film directing from CalArts, where she interned with director Catherine Hardwicke and was selected for the Story Development Internship at Lucasfilm.

Her debut series, “Fragrance Of The First Flower,” was Taiwan's first entry in the Series Mania Festival, earning acclaim from Variety as one of 'The Best International TV Shows of 2021'. It won Best Writing, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress at 57th Golden Bell Awards. It also had its Asia premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival and was released theatrically in South Korea.

Teng has won Taiwan’s Excellent Screenplay Award, the Women Pioneers in Filmmaking Fund in California, and the Gold Prize in the TAICCA TCCF pitching competition. She is an alum of Taipei Film Academy and Taipei Film Festival Filmmakers Workshops. Her upcoming projects have been selected for the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion and received TAICCA development funding. Her first feature film, “A Balloon’s Landing,” was recently released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao in May.

  • Fragrance of the First Flower - Trailer