Anna Sang Park
Anna sang park

Anna Sang Park is a multifaceted filmmaker. Born in South Korea, she grew up in Seoul, then Philadelphia. She is the writer and director of THE CHO STORIES, an award winning, short film trilogy about a Korean immigrant family told in chapter format. THE CHO STORIES received the Audience Award for Short Film at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival and was nominated for Best Short Drama at the New Filmmakers LA Film Festival. One of the films from the trilogy, APPA APPA APPA, won Honorable Mention at the Bushwick Film Festival, and won the Best Short Film at the Peekskill Film Festival. Anna directed and produced 9 short documentaries for Theatre Communications Group - TCG’s LEGACY LEADERS OF COLOR VIDEO PROJECT (LLCVP) highlighting the groundbreaking directors of color who fundamentally functioned as civil rights leaders. She directed TLC's SAY YES TO THE DRESS, over 90 episodes, as well as the spin off shows. Anna also directed for BRIC TV's short doc series. She is also an accomplished producer of STOCKADE and WALLABOUT, two indie feature films as well as an Emmy winning documentary, THE LOVING STORY. Anna will direct a feature film adaptation of a memoir by Marie Park Fujii, produced by Jana Park. Anna has an MFA in Directing from Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, Brooklyn College and a BFA in Film from Emerson College. She is a member of the Film Fatales, WGA, PGA, BGDM, AWD & the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences. She speaks Korean fluently.

  • The Cho Stories

    A Short Film Trilogy - Written and Directed by Anna Sang Park

    A Korean American immigrant mother’s addiction shatters her family. After the mother's unexpected death, her sister, Kyung-Hee, becomes the caregiver to the motherless children. And struggling to pay back the gambling debt his wife left behind, Mr. Cho works two jobs back to back. With barely enough money to feed his family, his problems deepen when his boss turns on him.

    The Cho Stories received the Audience Award for Best Short Film at MNFF - 2021.