Annette Haywood-Carter
Annette headshot 2023

Annette's directing career began with THE FOOT SHOOTING PARTY starring Leonardo DiCaprio funded by Katzenberg/Touchstone. After a standing-room-only screening at Sony, PREMIERE magazine featured Annette in an article, “Talent to Keep an Eye On.” Prior to directing Annette studied acting under legendary coach, Joan Darling, and worked as a script supervisor on major studio films. Spielberg saw her film and hired her to direct NBC’s SEAQUEST. On her feature debut FOXFIRE Annette pulled Angelina Jolie from auditions for a minor role and offered her the lead. Many consider the cult film to have launched Jolie's career. Annette cast Academy and Tony Award winning actors in all of her films. Hollywood Reporter gave LOVE IS STRANGE, with Ron Silver and Julie Harris, a rave review. SAVANNAH starred the late Sam Shepard and opened in 12 cities. FOX released DAUGHTER OF THE BRIDE, starring Marcia Gay Harden and Aiden Quinn in theaters in 5 cities before streaming. Lesli Glatter invited Annette to shadow Alex Graves on HOMELAND. The DGA WSC selected Annette for the SQUAD inaugural group. Among Annette’s writing credits are produced originals, writer-for-hire movies including a CBS mini-series, and script doctoring screenplays in production. She has two projects in development, a limited series set in Berlin, and an indie film with trans actress Hari Nef (BARBIE) attached and Best Picture Oscar winner Bruce Cohen, Consulting Producer. She has been a member of the DGA and WGA since 1994.


    DAUGHTER OF THE BRIDE follows the special relationship between Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) and Kate (Halston Sage), who are not only mother and daughter but also best friends. However, their lives are turned upside down when Diane announces her engagement to a man named Bruce (Aidan Quinn), whom she’s been secretly dating. In a series of comical events, Kate must come to terms with letting her mother be happy with someone else while she navigates her own love life and career aspirations. As Diane falls deeper in love, Kate worries that their close-knit relationship will be forever changed—and not for the better; so, she subconsciously tries to sabotage the wedding plans (despite officiating it). While Kate tries to get her mom to slow down and reconsider this obvious calamitous life decision, she finds herself falling for her handsome neighbor, Josh (Andrew Richardson)—the right guy at the totally wrong time. The film is co-produced by MarVista and Particular Crowd with a script written by Karen Bloch Morse (Ice Castles). DAUGHTER OF THE BRIDE is directed by Annette Haywood-Carter (Savannah, Foxfire). Released theatrically in five cities by FOX on February 3, 2023, it is now streaming.