Ann LeSchander
 mg 7066

Originally from upstate New York, Ann first worked as a singer in theaters and clubs and on film/television soundtracks. After working closely with director Danny Huston to create a creepy lullaby for his horror film The Maddening, she realized she wanted to be a filmmaker. Ann attended the USC School of Cinema where her first short film, TRUST, won the prestigious Women in Film Crystal Award. Her next film, THE DAY BEFORE garnered the James Bridges Award for Excellence in Directing.

Ann recently wrote and directed the award-winning feature film THE PARK BENCH which has won Best Feature at six festivals around the world (including Toronto, Barcelona, Los Angeles & Queens) and the Audience Choice Award at two more (Veracruz, Mexico & Argentina.) THE PARK BENCH is currently distributed by Gaia Vivendi and Dreamscape Entertainment and is now available on Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, iTunes and in libraries across the country. The LA Times calls it “a sweet tale with a smart storytelling device and charming performers!” It recently aired on PBS.

Ann has worked as a Writer/Producer for National Geographic, Discovery, A&E, The History Channel, and Game Show Network and has produced documentaries including The True Story of the 761st, Standing Tall at Auschwitz, Heaven: Beyond the Grave, and Inside Opus Dei. Ann received a B.A. from Colgate University and an M.F.A. from the USC School of Cinema.

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