Barri Chase
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As an entrepreneur and creator of Light Dancing Productions, Barri Chase is an award-winning writer/producer/director of the feature motion picture The Watchman's Canoe, which is currently available on Amazon Prime. She is a member of the Southeastern Cherokee Council which has influenced her craft of telling cross-cultural, relatable stories. After a career in beauty, fashion, and fine-art photography, she became a cinematographer, then a director of a number of music videos and short films. She finished her MFA in Screenwriting in April 2020. Currently, she has a television series, in consideration with several major networks and in development on a narrative feature film called In the Shadow of War Clouds. She lives on the Oregon coast, and is in the process of moving to her most loved state of Montana. She has a deep understanding of the region's history, culture, and people, and recognizes the landscape as a key "character" in any story. She has worked in most of the crew departments of filmmaking. Barri has been a guest lecturer, judge and panelist on multiple International Film Festivals since 2017.