Beth B
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Beth B exploded onto the New York film scene in the late ‘70s directing Super-8 films. These breakthrough films were shown at Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s, New York Film Festival and Film Forum. These and recent films have been shown at the Whitney Museum and MoMA. Throughout her prolific career, Beth B has produced over 30 films and worked in television as an Executive Producer and Director for eight years. Her films have shown at cinemas worldwide and festivals including: New York Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Nuremberg Int’l Human Rights Festival, and others. Producer, writer and director, Beth B has directed 30 films that range from feature dramatic films to documentaries and experimental films. B was at the forefront of 'No Wave Cinema,' which transformed cultural and cinematic traditions. Her films have always portrayed women as powerful, complex yet vulnerable individuals challenging society's conventions. Beth B’s career has been characterized by work that focuses on social issues and human rights recasting and redefining concepts relating to gender, mind, and body. Her films have been the subjects of several books and other documentaries, including The Cinema of Transgression; Art, Performance, Media; and No Wave: Underground 80. B worked in television as an Executive Producer, Producer, and Director for eight years.