Beth Dewey
Beth d square

Born and raised in Alaska, Beth Dewey left the day she turned eighteen. Wanting to see the world, she embarked on the Semester at Sea program, a floating university. The boat crashed and nearly sank. Stateside, Dewey embraced her queerness and immersed herself in the art and culture revolution exploding in the San Francisco during the eighties. Making Super 8 films, Dewey supported herself and her art by working as a stripper for the mafia. They eventually threatened to kill her. Moving to Los Angeles in 1990, she found sobriety and eventual stability working in film and TV.

Beth Dewey is best known for writing and directing the full-length films TWEEKED (2001), KILL HOUSE (2007) and ERASING EDEN (2016) as well as directing the pilot episode television series for Lifetime CRAZY LOVE, now streaming on Hulu. She’s been nominated for three Primetime Emmys for her work as an editor. Dewey's focus is portraying age and gender roles that are modern and updated. When she's not writing and directing, she teaches film school at Loyola Marymount University, and works as an Acquisitions executive for an independent film distribution company Indie Rights.

Dewey maintains that her twenty-nine years of continuous sobriety is her biggest accomplishment to date. At 58, she went back to school, earned a degree and is currently in an MFA program for screenwriting. She also enjoys creating content for social media and sees herself as a bad influencer.