Dawn Alexander
Dawn alexander

Dawn Kirk-Alexander is a Writer/Producer from Michigan residing in LA that focuses, and documents so called history. The more she research’s and the further she digs she realizes history is a fictional narrative put upon events that happen. This belief provoked her current feature “LA UNCOVERED,” which investigates the 1992 L A riots and the possible conspiracy behind them. LA Uncovered placed as a quarterfinalist in the 2023 Academy Nicholl Fellowships. Also, as the mother of a young African American male, she creates projects with a deeply felt commitment to his safety and the safety of others. Thus, she has written, produced and directed the Impact award winning documentary “Chi-Town Guns & Gun Violence & the NRA”. Dawn is also the Writer/Producer of the award-winning documentary “They Are Not All Lost,” which has national distribution via PBS. In addition to several award-winning commercials and public service announcements for TBWA/Chait/Day and Grey Advertising, while being a line producer for as several music videos directed by F. Gary Grey (Straight Outta Compton, The Italian Job). Dawn is a winner of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Award for her screenplay “Madness,” and expertly trained through the Roadmap Writers program!

  • Chi-Town Guns, Gun Violence & the NRA Documentary Trailer