Elisa Paloschi

As a documentary director, producer and cinematographer, Elisa Paloschi is drawn to stories that reflect the diversity of the human voice. Paloschi’s latest feature, Driving with Selvi (www.drivingwithselvi.com) premiered at Raindance in 2015; since then it has appeared at festivals around the world, winning awards including Best Documentary, and New Mavericks awards at Atlanta, Truth to Power Award for best documentary at Reel Asian, Best Director at Yorkton and was amongst the Top 10 Audience Favourites at IDFA. She is currently working on the film’s multi-phase social impact and engagement campaign. Save Her a Seat (www.saveheraseat.com) will see the film screened to girls and women across India in support of ending child marriage and violence against women, as well as developing a bursary program to provide commercial driver training to women.


  • Driving with Selvi (Trailer)