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Erica Milsom
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Erica Milsom is a filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. By day, she's a Documentary Director telling stories about the creative process at Pixar Animation Studios which she joined in 2002 as an Assistant Editor, graduating to director status in 2006. While at Pixar she's helped create hundreds of short pieces covering all of Pixar's feature films. When the lights go down on her day job, Erica makes independent films. In 2015 she completed a feature documentary, “Snow Day - Life, Death and Skiing” about a group of senior skiers whose dedication to the sport and their friendship proves that adventure is truly ageless. 2017 marked the release of Milsom’s first fiction film, a short period piece called “So Much Yellow” about a road trip that changed one family’s life forever. As this short nears completion, Erica has begun writing her next piece, a fictional series called "Diana and The Cake Boys", about the residents of a group home for adults with intellectual disabilities whose lives are thrown into a tumult with the arrival of an intriguing new housemate, Diana. Prior to her career in film, Erica worked in non-formal education projects in the Oakland, San Francisco, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nepal. Erica lives in Richmond, CA with her husband Ben and her dog Spock.

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