Erika Grediaga

Erika was born and raised in Mexico, but she moved to the US in 2000 to attend UCLA and then AFI as a directing fellow. She graduated in 2004 with an MFA in Film Directing with “Anima” as her thesis film, a suspense-horror period piece short that deals with cloistered nuns in the Colonial period in Mexico. After working as a writer for TV for Univision and then Disney TVA, in 2010 she directed “31 Días,” her first feature in Mexico, a Romantic Comedy starring Iran del Castillo and Lorenzo Baluducci. The film opened nationwide in Mexico in 2013. That same year she joined the team of the acclaimed series "Masha and the Bear," working on the adaptation and voice over directing for the Latin American version. Currently the show is on its third season. In early 2017 she wrote and directed “Morgu,” a horror short for Crypt TV, which gathered half a million views on their Facebook platform in a span of only two weeks. She lives with her family in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Directing Reel

    From Children's fantasy to horror, Erika has a unique visual richness that covers a wide spectrum of genres.