Gwen Wynne
Gwen wynne

Gwen Wynne is a Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and Stage Director. Wynne directed her first feature film about two daughters coping with their father’s decision to pursue a gay lifestyle circa 1973: American Primitive (aka Wild About Harry). The Huffington Post’s Tom Gregory describes the movie: “an indie gem... the ‘why’ that drove early activists like Harvey Milk and the Stonewall demonstrators to demand equality...” Recently, Wynne produced Tyrus; it’s national broadcast on PBS’s American Masters in September tells the unlikely story of Tyrus Wong, a Chinese immigrant becoming Hollywood’s greatest concept artist ever. Unknown to most, he created the ‘look’ for classics such as The Wild Bunch, Rebel Without A Cause, Mildred Pierce, Bambi and many more. Wynne’s latest project is Most Secret: Secret Agent 0017: an original spy drama for episodic television based on the true efforts of Churchill’s Secret Operations Executive (S.O.E.) and his intelligence agents — women and men — an unusual ragtag bunch of warriors. Emblematic of her career is one of Wynne’s first professional stage productions; she developed and directed one of the first rap musicals produced in America, Sanctuary, D.C. by Ralph Brown and composed by Scott Davenport Richards about runaways, crack, and homelessness. An underdog hit, Wynne was nominated for multiple Helen Hayes Awards including Best New Musical. Wynne received her B.A. from Brown University and M.F.A. from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.